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digitalquirk's Neon files

The Dodge Neon. Also known as the Plymouth Neon and the Chrysler Neon, and recently the SX 2.0 and SRT-4. Basically, the car you're driving if you can't afford anything better; the penalty box of automobiles. Its styling is rather girlish, but it's not too ugly. Unless you're unfortunate enough to get one with the peeling paint problem. At least it's better than a Geo Metro, but not by much. The SRT-4 does come with a turbo, so it does have good acceleration for the boy racers who need something that'll beat a Honda Civic at their Friday night illegal street races, but it's still the same cheaply made compact sedan. Except that it takes premium gas, gets lousy gas mileage, and still can't touch the GTO in spite of all the noise it makes.

I was unfortunate enough to have to drive a Neon, but I made the best of my situation at the time. Whenever the opportunity arose, I would document and photograph the work I was doing. My guess is you own a Neon, which explains why you're here. You are the reason I documented what I did. Since you drive a Neon, my guess is that you probably don't have a lot of money, which means you will benefit from doing some of the maintenance work yourself. If you're mechanically inclined, I strongly suggest you do some of your own maintenance, because Neons require a lot of maintenance...and though parts are cheap, labour isn't (unless it's yours because you're poor and drive a Neon). With the money you save doing your own maintenance, you can save up your money and replace the Neon with something better sooner.

Welcome to my Neon files; over 68 graphic and html files loaded with valuable information for the neon owner. Everything here is copyrighted by me, of course, so while you are free to read what I have here for personal use, reproduction of my work anywhere other than at will require that you contact me first. Also, please don't link the images. It probably won't work anyway. Rather, provide a link to the page itself that the image is on.

The check engine light...if it's not coming on once a month, it's not a neon. Check your own codes, fix whatever broke this time, and save yourself a few bucks.

Eventually, you'll want to replace your front motor mount. Maybe even right now. You may not know it's shot, but it probably is because it's a neon.

Got an automatic transmission? Part of routine maintenance is adjusting your kickdown band.

Many Neons didn't even come with a tach! How cheap! Good thing they're easy enough to install.

You might even want to install your own oil pressure and volt gauges as a bit of insurance.

Eventually, your EGR valve will fail. Here's how I changed mine.

Yes, between myself and my wife, I really did own three Neons. Sad, isn't it? Don't feel bad for me; I've moved on. You can go here to see pictures of them in chronological order.

Want more? Go out and buy yourself a Haynes manual, stay in school and take a course in auto mechanics, or get a good job and a better car...because there will be no more neon how-to's from me. If I come across some old shit that I forgot about, I'll update and add it here when I feel like it.