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Installing Volt and Oil Pressure Gauges

These pictures depict how I installed a cheap-ass aftermarket oil pressure and volt gauges in my DOHC Neon. Why? Because the poorly-built engine will eventually blow out the rear main seal, head gasket, or some other critical component, so keeping track of the oil pressure will allow me to shut off the engine before I damage it (who wants to spend more money on maintaining a Neon than they have to?) You never know when the battery is going to let you down. Finally, they look good in the otherwise bland interior of the Neon.

Here's where the plug is located to connect an oil pressure gauge in a DOHC motor:

My plug had a square shaped head which required some ingenuity to extract. I made this tool:

Here's what it looks like when hooked up to the line feeding the gauge:

Here's a connector I found that's good to use to connect a volt gauge to; apparently, it's for the power sunroof and vanity light option on some Neons:

Here's what my gauges all look like, completed:

Makes excellent use of that wasted space on the dash when complete...who needs an expensive A-pillar gauge holder? Not me; I'd rather save my money to put towards a better car!

At night, they look real cool; the green glow scares rice boy street racers away...

Piece of cake. I'd flesh this out with more detail, but I'm done with Neons now and have since moved on to something much better.